Time Zone Issue??

New Issue today:

Saving tasks to a particular date in the web app returns them as saved to the "day before"

Perhaps this is because some upgrade at Insightly and the system is trying to save them in San Francisco time which is (nearly) a day behind New Zealand.

Also had another issue saving a new task in the web app today.



  • Hi Stefan, thank you for your post! 

    When you're entering the date for the task, are you entering the date manually or choosing a date from the date picker? 

  • Picker

  • @Stefan - Thank you for letting me know! 

    And this is happening when you're setting the due date, correct? 

  • Hi,

    We have located and fixed this issue, we will be releasing a HotFix in the next couple of hours. We apologize for the inconvenience. We were having a timeZone offset issue. 


  • Hi,

    The Hotfix has been released. Thank you for your patience


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