catagories & pipeline on insightly app for android

when i go to create an opportunity it does not let me select from the catagories, or choose which pipeline i want to add it too.

Please help.



  • Hi Rachel

    I can see what you mean. When you create an opp the category field isn't populated. And the pipeline field isn't there at all.

    If you create an opp, save it and edit it again, you can choose the category. But the pipeline doesn't show at all.

    Edit: If you go back to the webinterface and add the pipeline it will also show up on you phone. Not an ideal workaround, but its the only way i have found so far.

    On a side note: I just created an opp and it shows the currency as EGP?! Im in Denmark and need Danish Kroners... Interesting...

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  • Us too... Very important for our tasks to be labeled with correct category to filter the right reports.  The category is blank on all Mobile Insightly modules (i.e. Tasks, Projects, Opportunities).  

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  • I can confirm this is a bug and is fixed in our next release that is currently in beta.

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