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Dear support,

I just recently started with Insightly and have started to learn the system.  I may have already hit a snag.  I have done 3 actions

1) changed the user settings time to Eastern Time

2) added a contact

3) added a filter to search contacts

In all 3 cases after hitting SAVE and then returning to the appropriate menu (e.g. User Settings, Contacts) the previous changes did not appear.  In the case of the User settings I attempted 5 times to change from Central to Eastern.  Initially the change appeared but when I left the menu and returned, Central time was back.  Finally I decided to refresh my browser and only then the changes appeared.  However when I leave that particular screen (e.g. Contacts) and return the Adds are missing again and only after I refresh the webpage do they re-appear.  I cannot imagine that this is the intent of the functionality that I need to refresh every page I go to before I work in the page.

Please help as this would be a complete deal killer for me and heard so many good things about Insightly



  • Hi Julia:

    Sorry to hear about the trouble you're having. You may need to clear the cache in your browser if the page is not refreshing on it's own. 

    Here are instructions on how to clear your cache. Instructions are included for all popular browsers if you need them!

    Internet Explorer

    Hope this is helpful :)

  • Hi Lyla, thank you for this.  The good news is that it works on my other PC where I run Fire Fox.,  I recently purchased a Microsoft Surface and this is equipped with Edge Browser.  Are there instructions for the Edge browser to clear the cache.  Also, if I clear the cache, wouldn't it rebuild again and the same problem will appear?

    Thank you


  • That's great that you are able to use Insightly on Firefox Julia!

    I did a quick Google search and found this article that can help you with your Microsoft Surface -  How To Clear Cache and Cookies in Microsoft Edge Browser

    You are correct that your cache can build up in your browser. Some browsers have settings where you can have the cache clear automatically. That might work for you too!

  • I am also facing a lot of errors but in Google chrome...specially err name not resolved errors..

    Tried this tutorial but it worked only 50%...I mean it solves the problem but the problem comes back when i restart..please help


  • Hi Aman:

    I'm not familiar with that error message, is this something you're seeing in Insightly?

  • Hi all,

    One of my users reported erratic behavior and after a while of tinkering I found that he is experiencing what appears to be the same issue as above (see below for detail).   He started using Microsoft Edge and the problem showed at once.  I never noticed because I don't even use w10 so I don't use Edge.

    The issue can be resolved by either:   Pressing Ctrl-F5 which is a forced refresh, or clearing the pages cache.  However, once that is done, at the very next navigation to the same page the issue comes again.

    The issue is simple:  Whenever navigating to a Opportunities or Projects page (haven't checked others) the browser shows the last cached version, not the current [as in the web server's] version. Any changed data (i.e. names) as well as the filter are shown as the first time the page was displayed [effectively downloaded from the server I assume] just after a forced refresh/cache clear.

    Like I said, it is not an acceptable solution to press Ctrl-F5 every time the user so I just told him to go to Internet Explorer (which he despises apparently).

    I was able to repeat the exact same issue on a w10 VM using MS Edge, with my Insightly user name (not his) so the issue is totally repeatable. Also with our secretary's -and her account- so it is not an isolated freak issue.

    I encourage you to have this checked -or issue a compatibility notice- before this becomes more generalized.

  • Hi Andrés Santamaria - Federal Masonry:

    Thank you for providing those details. Insightly is not compatible with Windows virtual machines or MS Edge at this time.  With more interest in compatibility this can be considered in the future.

    You may want to create a separate post for this in the Ideas & Suggestions page so other users can vote and comment on it too.


  • That is fine.  However, the Edge compatibility, a notice should be clear either on the introduction, on an email to the users, a banner on the home page or something similar, and not leave the users trying to figure out what happened.

    In fact, is there a browser compatibility list?



  • Hi Andrés Santamaria - Federal Masonry:

    Thanks for the feedback. You can find our recommended browser list  here.

  • Hey Lyla I tried to clear cache on Google Chrome,but I am facing problems in it. It says "Cache Cannot be cleared". What to do??? Please help.


    Tubemate APK

  • Hi Ankit:

    Sorry to hear you're unable to clear the cache in your Chrome browser, this would be something in your browser settings. You may need to try doing this in another browser type such as Firefox.

  • I'm having similar issues.  I've added about 4-5 organizations over the last hour, and they do not appear under "organizations".  You can see them in the recent activity, and click on them, but can't see them in the organizations menu.  Using Google Chrome, version 51.0.2704.106 m, and have cleared all cache / browsing history (multiple times).  Can't link to the newly added organizations (i.e. from opportunities or contacts) either.   Thank you in advance.

  • Hi Jason,

    I'm sorry this is occurring. Can you provide the name of one or two organizations that you added that this is occurring with?

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