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Integration with new Google Inbox

Hi all,

Will Insightly soon release a sidebar for the new google apps for work inbox?


Thanks in advance,




  • Hi Regan, this isn't something we have planned so far, we wanted to hear from users to request this. So I am glad you've posted your question here, as other users may want the Sidebar for inbox as well and can vote this request up. 

  • This article, published yesterday, may be relevant to the discussion.

    I don't think it will be necessary to move right away, but it looks like Google is strategically positioning Inbox to replace Gmail. Inbox. The interface itself is a major advance over the standard interface, so much so that the only reason I am not using it is lack of Insightly Sidebar integration and the hugely useful Insightly widget.  It would be great if Insightly could support it.


  • @Stan - Thank you for sharing that and for the feedback!

  • We are definitely tracking Google's progress with inbox and do plan to add an integration once inbox starts showing much more traction with users vs. current base. Google has a lot of outstanding functionality that still needs to be added as well. 

  • Please please please on Inbox support!


    Haven't looked at regular Gmail once since switching over and it's killing me not to have the Insightly widget!

  • I've tried out Insightly (it's a lovely product) and am considering buying licenses for my company, but this might be a deal-breaker—no one in the office uses Gmail anymore, but we all tested and really like the Insightly Gmail gadget.

  • I have to flip over to GMail all the time anyway to create events, so I guess I can do the same for Insightly.  However, it is a hassle, and I won't be using GMail for anything else.  Feeding insightly tasks to GInbox and clearing them when checked 'done' would also be a time saving integration, FWIW.


  • Hi Tom,

    Thanks for taking the time to provide your feedback.

  • As an avid "Inbox" user, I am anxiously awaiting your new release! I am a new adopter of Insightly, and I'd love to be able to use it with my email. 

  • I haven't been using Gmail for the past 6 months and for me, lack of integration is a deal breaker for our 20-people startup.

  • Add me to the chorus--Inbox has been amazing for me, but I miss Insightly's plugin. I hope you develop one soon.

  • Yes me too! xo Rob

  • Yes, my company are in this boat too.

  • We're also in need of this, asap.

  • Indeed, it would be great if you could add INBOX support. 

  • Any progress on adding support for Google Inbox? Would love to be able to attach emails, etc. without switching back to the old Gmail interface all the time. 

  • We are a big user of Inbox as well, so Ill add my request as well. 



  • Given that I find Insightly to be incredibly useful, I thought I'd follow up with my original post made in December last year, to observe that Google Inbox was officially open to the public eighteen months ago. Having used Inbox pretty much ever since then, I am finding that it simply has too many efficiency features to ignore. BTW, the review link just included in the last sentence was written before deep Google Calendar integration, "Save to Inbox" Chrome extensions for websites, Google Drive integration, Trello and GitHub messaging, and Google Keep integration. The Google Now "trip bundles", added back in June 2015, is a fantastic feature because flights and travel confirmations are collected and organized automatically.

    In terms of further development, Gmail desktop has been basically 'dead in the water' for the last eighteen months. But, sadly, I still have to use the old Gmail desktop in order to move messages into Insightly.  I am sure you have been reviewing some very exciting developments taking place across the entire GSuite space. Since Inbox is fully supported by GSuite as an integrated email platform for business, what is its current status with Insightly?


  • Please add sidebar to inbox.  After using inbox and its amazing bundling features there is no going back to simple gmail.  Please update this as soon as possible.


    Jorge RC

  • I add my name to this list of those hoping sidebar to Inbox.  As a recent convert to Inbox, though long time user of Suite G, I can say I won't be going back to Gmail.

    One bridge I started using today in Inbox is to create bundled groups specific to same items previously tracked as projects in InSightly.  I'm sure I'm not the first here to do so.


  • I would also like to have and insightly sidebar for Inbox. The synergies with the two would be greatly beneficial.

  • Also would love to see some progress here.

    Please add one more name to the list! Hoping to see some information released soon.

  • This is a must have. Inbox is not going away anytime soon.

  • I've begun to like Inbox also and would like to switch, but need my Insightly sidebar to do so, +1 for me.

  • Sidebar for Inbox +1

  • Adding this feature is a must have for our team.  

    Any updates on this are appreciated. 


  • +1 Since the release of Inbox the Gmail usage dropped to zero in our company. Please add an Inbox Plugin.

  • Please add my vote for this. I'm a bit concerned by how long it takes for Insightly to add features. Is there a lack of traction for Insightly?

  • Please add my vote too! I have to switch between the two apps which isnt great for workflow. Google Im sure will eventually replace Mail with Inbox so I'm sure this wont be a lost effort!

  • Please add this functionality! Inbox automatically loads instead of my full gmail account, and I really love the increased productivity and bundling it has. A sidebar would be so helpful!

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