Remove Gmail gadget


I am using the new sidebar - which works well for me. The gMail gadget is thus superflous. Hence the question:

Is there a way to remove the gMail gadget without fully disabling insightly (which obviously is not an option)?


p.s.: I use an Google Apps account



  • When are we going to be able to remove this annoying, useless gadget that interferes with our using add-ins that we would actually use? This is ridiculous. It has been over a year since this thread was started and yet there is still no resolution?

  • Is it yet possible to remove this gadget from my Gmail? It's really in the way. Just spent valuable time trying to remove the gadget, then came upon this thread. It's been more than a year since the thread was started, with only repeated responses that Insightly is working with google to remove. How can it be the development team hasn't solved this yet? It's a gadget. It's been replaced by sidebar. It's useless and in the way of me doing other things on my gmail page.

  • How can I trust that Insightly is the software that is gonna help my company if you are not able to solve this problem in more than one year??

    I was trying it to take it to some of my customers who are looking for a CRM and now I'm very afraid of recommending it...

  • Hi Everyone,

    I'm afraid it's not as simple as providing a way to hide the Gadget if you're no longer using it. Because of the complicated nature of the feature and its integration with Google, we have the choice of either having the Gadget on for everyone, or off. Because we still have a significant percentage of customers still using the Gadget and because work is also being done to make the Sidebar more robust, the decision is to not to remove the Gadget at this time.
    What this unfortunately means for those of you who are ahead of the game and already transitioned to the Sidebar, is that you will have the Sidebar and Gadget co-existing for now. When we are close to retiring the Gadget for good, we will let everyone know in advance on this thread.
    Thank you for bearing with us during this transition.
  • Another year gone by, and I'm still stuck with this GMail gadget.

    Any update on this?

  • I'm also trying to delete the Insightly Gmail Gadget from my Gmail account. But it ist still displayed at the bottom of EACH email!

     I've uninstalled it from my Google Apps admin area (I registered for Insightly with a Google Apps account, and am logged in under my Google Apps account when I remove it). I've also tried fixing it from the Insightly side, going into the Integrations area in System Settings. But clicking on "View All Integrations" only takes me back to the Insightly main login page where I'm prompted to sign in again (a bug?). I've also uninstalled the Chrome sidebar extension, though I assume the Gadget and Sidebar are unrelated.

    I see the last reply in this thread is YEARS ago. Is there any way to remove this now?

  • Hi Martin,

    Hope you're having a great day, and I'm sorry to hear you're having issues with the Insightly Gmail Gadget.

    You want to follow the steps below:

    1) Start by selecting the Marketplace Apps icon from the admin console.

    2) Check the box next to the Insightly app.

    3) Click the Turn Off icon.

    4) Select Turn Off for Everyone. This will turn off the Insightly Gmail gadget for all the users of your main domain.

  • There are no marketplace apps installed. We deleted the app 14 days ago. See:

    The insightly gmail gadget is still displayed at the bottom of EACH email!

  • Hi Martin:

    That is strange that you've removed Insightly but the Gadget still appears for you. Google Apps support should be able to help you out since we don't have access to your Google Apps settings. You can find them here.

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