Task from Email - Gadget/Sidebar

Until recently I had both Gmail Gadget & Sidebar.

I used the Gadget when a detailed email came in to Create a new Task. This would automatically retain all of the relevant text of the email within the Task Comments.

Gadget seems now to have disappeared.

Is there another way to create a task from an email, as above??



  • Correction: Email contents displayed in Task Description

  • Hi Stefan,

    This function is not available in the Sidebar but I can see how you would want to see this as an option.

    I will move this into Product Feedback for comments and votes from other users.

  • Exactly this. Isn't this the single most common use case in the entire of insightly?

    Steps in Gadget

    1. Send new email
    2. Save new email (works in sidebar)
    3. Link Org and Opportunity to email (works in sidebar)
    4. Raise new Task from Email (not in sidebar)
      Note: Gadget also automagically associates not just the Email with the new Task, but also links up the Contact, Org and Opp to this new task)

    To achieve Step 4 with just Sidebar, you have 6+ more steps inside the Web App, whereas with Gadget, this is a sub-30 second task.

    User Experience / Product Owner at Insightly, this is a fundamental gap in Sidebar that needs addressing prior to removing support for the Gadget.

  • We completely agree on how useful this would be Lee, thank you for adding this. 

    Regarding removal of the gadget, there is not a set date for this so please feel free to continue using this tool.

  • Completely agree with Stefan and Lee. The reason people use sidebars and gadgets is to save time by enabling full functionality directly from Gmail. It's meaningless if you can create a task in sidebar, then go to the main app for entering links, description and comments.

    Regardless what user wants to create from email: contact, task, event, project, opportunity, full functionality should be preserved in the sidebar.

  • this is a critical function please let us know when this feature will be completed. the gadget had it what is the hold up?


  • Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for your feedback and support for this function. We'll make sure to keep the Community informed of any updates.


  • Hi Tom:

    While it is on the road map to be retired, the gadget is still and active tool. However, there is a site performance issue that our product team is aware of where the gadget isn't displaying. We are currently working with Google on a resolution.

    In the meantime, there is a workaround:
    Hold down the shift key when opening an email. This will open a new window and the Gadget will appear.

    We'll be sure to keep you posted.

  • Hi Guys, thought I would post to this what I emailed insightly support below.

    Please sort this out.... with Google "stuffing up the gadget", it shows that the "linking" on tasks created from email needs to be fixed so that it is less than 6 steps, as outlined earlier in this thread.

    We've been using insightly for about 4 years. I've noticed that the gmail gadget has been removed, and accordingly we have installed the new "sidebar".
    However, there is a current flaw with the sidebar "system". I will demonstrate by way of a comparison to the old gmail gadget.
    Here it is:
    1. Old gmail gadget:
    a. Save email to insightly;
    b. add additional link from the gadget;
    c. create task from gadget
    d. Consequence: Task is linked to all contacts in the link. Accordingly, when you go to view the contact, the tasks are linked.

    New Sidebar system:
    1. Save email in new gadget;
    2. Hit "link" to go to insightly to link other contacts to email;
    3. create task within the email within insightly
    4. Task is linked to the email, but not to the links to the email.
    5. Go to view the contact, and the task is not linked to them. It is only linked to the email. You will only know that there is a task associated with the contact if you go to their emails and go from there.

    As you can see - there is a flaw. If you create a task from an email, then it must be linked to the contacts/links to the email, not the email itself.

    Not good for task sharing across clients/contacts/groups.

    Please let me know if I have missed something, or there is another way that does not require 4 clicks or more.

  • Currently in Free Trial of Insightly. Hit this issue right away that Tasks cannot be easily generated direct from emails....Is there any update to this functionality? The fact that Insightly stopped responding to this thread almost two years ago does not inspire much confidence for us a potential clients.....

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