• I agree. i travel frequently, and if I cannot access Insightly from an airplane seat its value to me is diminished significantly.

  • Is Insightly working on Off-Line functionality to access Contacts and Organizations?

  • Strongly agree! I travel frequently, and not being able to access Insightly while in flight (both mobile and laptop) is my biggest single frustration with Insightly and seriously reduces it's value


  • Will this ever be a Possibility?  This thread goes back for one year?

  • Hi Everyone! Our mobile apps do, indeed, support view-only offline access. Please read our recent product news post to learn more.

  • A client for which I imlemented Insightly, has decided to drop it because it is not possible to create contacts offline and sync them later...

    Too bad.

  • A strong vote for working offline - critical function guys!


  • Even a limited amount of entry would be helpful .   Say 50 contacts or 50MB of data????  Stored in a file then update when connected to the Internet..... 

  • Hello Stephen & Everyone,

    Thanks for your feedback on this subject. This feature is currently not on Insightly's roadmap however not to discourage you please continue to add your feedback and votes to the main thread. The main thread can be found by clicking here

    Thank you for continuing to help us improve on the Insightly experience for our users. 

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