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Can you please tell me about the security procedures implemented within the insightly app? For instance if my phone gets stolen, what is to stop anyone from obtaining all my customer information?
Aanzah Tirmizi


  • Hello Aanzah!

    We don't have a specific kill switch security measure in place for our mobile apps, there are always lot of security options you can take regarding your general mobile device as well as your Insightly account. 

    1. If your phone was stolen, you could change your Insightly password from your webapp. Or you can access your web app and export any necessary information you need so if someone were to access your account, they wouldn't be able to see that information. (Also, if someone is going to steal a mobile device, they don't typically look through apps. Most devices are wiped so they can be re-sold.) 

    2. Make sure your mobile device is password protected. That's your first line of defense. If you use an Android, make sure your information is up to date on your account for any recovery/location tracking through Google. You can find that here: and with Apple you can use Find my Phone or any of their recovery options. 

    3. There are options you can implement within your security settings that will wipe your device if someone tries to access it. (Android has a remote option as well) 

    These are just a few of the ways you can protect your device if it does happen to be stolen. 

    I hope this helps! 

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  • Or just delete the user and re-add or reset the password for the user

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