how to obtain complete data of Emails using API 2.1

I´m working on obtaining all emails using insightly´s API 2.1  (, so far i´ve been able to get all the emails but only the "body_extract", i wish i could get the complete body data including the html tags









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    To do this you'll need to make a GET request to the /v2.1/emails/{id} endpoint for each email you want to fetch. It is not allowed to fetch the email bodies in the list of all emails, simply because the response size is unpredictable, and for customers with a lot of emails, can become huge. 

    While it's a bit of extra work to loop through them individually, the computer doing this won't care that it is being asked to repetitive task that would bore a normal person to tears. :)

    One suggestion to reduce API consumption if that is a concern is to fetch only the headers and truncated body in the main GET request, and then fetch details only as needed. If you're mainly concerned with indexing metadata that should be more than adequate.

    Any other questions, just let me know. Thanks.

    Brian McConnell

    Insightly Engineering Team

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