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  • Hi Andrea:

    I'll take this offline and send you the information you need. You'll be getting another email from Insightly shortly :)

  • Hi, The Tax ID is also called Employer Identification Number (EIN)

  • Ok, thanks!!!!

  • HI - I don't see the button - could you please activate.  The issue I wanted to raise was that I logged in today and a large number of emails are no longer on the system.

    I can't be sure all the other records are intact either but so far have spotted no problems.



  • Hi Rob,

    I'm sorry you're having trouble. It looks like you may be using a different email address on the Community/ Help Center than the one you registered with on Insightly. You will only see the button if you're logged in using the email address for your paid account.

  • Hi. I cannot see the 'submit a request' button. We have a paid account. 

  • Hi Nicola,

    Thanks for reaching out! By chance, are you using a different email address here in our Help Center than you are currently using to login to Insightly? If so, will you sign out and then sign back in to our Help Center with the correct email address tied to your paid account? Thanks!

  • Hello, I canceled my account months ago but I am still being billed.  Since the account is cancelled it will not let me log in to submit a support ticket.  Please advise as to how I can get help with this issue.

  • Hi Dave:

    We'll reach out to you directly to take a look at this with our billing department. Keep an eye out for another email from Insightly.

  • I don't see a submit ticket option and am a paid user - have added a user but his link does not work when he tries to log in and I need to get it sorted out very quickly. Thanks you.

  • Hi Marina, 

    I replied to your other post here :)

  • No orange button... and so many other issues. Starting to wonder if it's really worth it. 

  • Hi Brian,

    The orange submit a ticket button is available for our paid users only. I show you're logged in using a free account, therefore email support is not available but I'm happy to help. What particular issue are you concerned with?

  • I signed up for a free trial under a different email address but I cannot sign in to the help centre or find a way of emailing for help nor can I see an orange button

    I have had not had any visibility of my work emails since last Thursday. Could someone please get in contact urgently

  • Hi Sasha:

    It looks like the email address you logged into the Support Site and the email on your Free Trial may not match. I'm going to reach out to you directly to help get this sorted out. Keep an eye out for an email from Insightly.

  • Good day,

    This is Daniel, My company is registered with Insightly. I have a problem accessing my follow up tasks.

    When I assigned myself a task to follow up, I do receive notification, and when due date comes, I receive reminder.

    When I click on view task, it takes me to all the tasks created by me, and not to that specific opportunity for which I must follow up.


    Below is what I am referring to. When I click on view task, it takes me to login first, then to HOME instead of taking me to that specific task for which I must do the follow up

    Task Reminder: 'Customer Follow Up'


    Insightly Notifications <>

    8 Feb (2 days ago)
    to me
    InInsightly CRM

    Task Reminder: Customer Follow Up

    Hi Daniel,

    This is a reminder you requested for the task named 'Customer Follow Up'

    Task:  Customer Follow Up
    Due Date:  Thu. Feb 9 2017
    Category:  Follow-up
    Opportunity : Hirschmann


    Follow up with the client that they have everything that they require and determine whether the client has any concerns


    View Task





  • Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention, we'll look into this and keep you updated through this post!

  • I don't see a submit buton. I need help regarding custom fields They have dissapeared. How to fix this.

  • Hi Mojca,

    Sorry about that! It looks like you logged in to our Help Center using a different email address than the one you currently use to sign in to Insightly, so we weren't able to detect that you are on a paid Insightly plan. No worries though - We have corrected this on the backend. If you'll do me a favor and refresh your screen you should see the Submit a Request button now. Thanks!  

  • Hi, I don't see a submit a ticket option.  Thank you.


  • Hi Linda, it looks like the email address registered with our Help Center is different than the one used on your Paid Insightly account. We'll reach out to you directly in another email.

  • Hi, I am trying to submit a help ticket and my company has a paid account but the orange button does not appear. Who has access to the help center when multiple users have accounts?

  • Hi Danielle,

    You will need to make sure you're logged into the Community /Help Center using the same email address you're using for your paid Insightly account in order to see the submit a ticket option.

  • Hi Nora,

    To my knowledge I am using my same email address. Is there an administrator role that only one person has by chance?

  • Hi Danielle,

    The email address you're using for the Insightly Help Center is not registered as an Insightly account.

  • Our account is active, but I cannot see the submit a help ticket button.  Please assist.  Thank you.

  • Hi Alyssa,

    You will need to log into the Community/Help Center using the email address for your paid Insightly account. I show you're using your Insightly Mailbox. The Insightly email Mailbox is used to save copies of incoming or outgoing emails from your email application to Insightly.

  • Hello. I need to submit a ticket, and I am on a paid license but I do not see the orange flag option. Thank you.

  • Hi Sarah:

    Can you try logging out and then logging back in? You'll also want to be sure you're using the email address that is on your paid account when you do this. Please let us know if the button is there for you after this.


  • I'm an Exec Coach and Coaching Mentor looking into 3 different CRMS. I have some questions. Can I schedule a quick phone conversation with someone? Monday at 4:30 EST, Tuesday at 10 est, Wednesday at 11:15 EST?
    In addition to making my own decision, I will provide the results of my exploration to coaches in training.Thanks!



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