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I am trying to add contacts to my account via the api, I have read the documentation and tried adding a contact using postman, each time I get a 400 response that the data in the request is invalid. Here is my current request 


request url:

request type: POST 

request auth: basic 64 encoded 

request body: {
"FIRST_NAME": "Matty",
"LAST_NAME": "Bennett"

i have also tried this for the request body 

apiContact : {
"FIRST_NAME": "Matty",
"LAST_NAME": "Bennett"


nothing works.



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  • Hi Matthew,

    I think your problem might just be missing a few additional headers.  Could you double check and see if there are headers for Accept and Content-Type?

    If they aren't supplied, simply use "application/json", e.g:

    Authorization: "Basic <Encode64>"

    Accept: "application/json"

    Content-Type: "application/json"


    Also, as a side note, v2.1 of the API will likely be deprecated in the future, if you can, please use v2.2, it is faster and has more features.

    Hope that helps!


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