milestone due dates

is there way we could use milestones without having to have a due day right then? when making a milestones without a due day, it makes the due date the day the milestone was made for that project. i would like the option to leave it blank so it does put so many things due on the calendar all at once. Project time lines in my industry seem to change daily. i think it would be fluid if there was the option of no due date. 



  • We are also having the same issue. We have projects with several different and distinct things that need to be done. The dates are up in the air until weather conditions warrant.

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  • Hmm... seems like one of the inherent characteristics of a milestone is that it has a date on it.  But I can see your use case I think.  Maybe use some other way to categorize a task until you have a solid milestone date to put it on?  Like create tags for tasks that refer to the milestone they will be a part of...

    Or maybe use a date in the past or far future, so they still are easy enough to find, but don't clog up your calendar...

    Hope this helps.

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