Xero integration. How to create a quote?

We've connected Xero to our Insightly platform, but aren't sure how to create a quote. 

Within the Xero tab the only options seem to be "Create Invoice Draft" and "Create Xero Contact".

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks! 



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  • Hello Acer,

    Tomorrow, we are doing a great webinar called "Creating Gorgeous Automated Online Engagement Letters" at astutemy.com. We will demonstrate how to create proposals and engagement letters using insightly with PandaDoc. It's pretty slick and a great solution for the proposal phase prior to invoicing with Xero. Ideally, you can use Zapier to create an invoice in Xero after the PandaDoc proposal is signed. It's not the answer to question as you wanted it, but it's actually a better solution. PandaDoc allows signatures to happen fast and deals to close faster.



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