Search feature/bar limitations

When searching for an organisation, if you do not type in the name in exactly as it is recorded in Insightly, it will not show up. 

When one is dealing with hundreds of organisations and even more contacts, it would be helpful if you could expand the parameters and abilities of your search. With a full library, sometimes one can't remember the exact spelling of an organisation that a colleague added a year ago. It would be very helpful if the search took into account options like misspelling, much like a google search would. 

When adding a new organisation, the system brings up all similar organisations. So it works in that format, why can't it work in the top search bar?  

Let's say I'm looking for a company called 'Evolve'. When I search 'evolve' nothing comes up. I have to capitalise the first E, typing it precisely as it appears, otherwise Insightly tells me I have no such organisation. 



  • I see it working in my Top search bar, and it ignores capitalization when searching too. It doesn't suggest items that you may have misspelled, though, which would be nice.

    But here I'm entering "abb" in the search field. If I pause a second, Insightly lists matching suggestions. Maybe you're not pausing?

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  • Mine is, annoyingly, sensitive to capitalization. It sounds like a small thing, but after the 100th time, it gets slightly irritating. 

    In my example, I've typed organic touch and waited, but no search comes up. I then clicked search, then typed in the name Organic Touch and took this screenshot.


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