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Popular Insightly Webinars


Getting Started with Insightly

Every Tuesday @ 9:30 AM PT 

Learn about how Insightly CRM was built from the ground up to help companies build lifelong customer relationships and grow their businesses faster than ever before. During this session, we’ll cover all the main features of Insightly CRM and talk about how to increase sales, improve collaboration, deliver on customer expectations and view performance across the board.

Intro to Insightly

Every other Wednesday @ 8:30 AM & 4:00 PM PT
Discover how to get set up for success. In this webinar, we'll review general navigation of the system, how to customize your account, how to import your data into Insightly and how to manage your sales process within Insightly

This webinar is best suited to Insightly free accounts or those in a 14-day trial.

Streamline Your Sales Pipeline

Once a Month on Thursdays @ 8:30 AM PT 

Interested in learning how to define your current sales process? Attend this webinar to streamline your current sales process with Insightly's Pipeline. We will walk you through how to manage sales prospects until they are qualified and ready to go through the rest of your sales cycle.

Manage Your Contacts and Emails

Once a Month on Wednesdays @ 8:30 AM PT
We'll cover importing contacts, organizing them and how to build custom filtered lists to quickly view the information that's most important to you.

Plus we'll also walk you how to connect your email account, how to build email templates, and how to send emails through Insightly.
Join this Q&A webinar where you will get a chance to ask any Insightly related question. Wondering how to create email templates, or set up custom fields, join this webinar to post your questions and get expert advice from a Customer Success Specialist.
See our full list of Insightly live webinars here.
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