Tasks linked to Contacts

Today on all my contacts when I choose the tab that adds a task to said contact, it does not add it. It creates the task and chooses not to link it to my contact even though the tab is specific to linking tasks to that contact. Very few times have I been this frustrated with a software's failure to execute.

If anyone has any insight (no pun intended) on how to fix this problem it would be greatly appreciated.



  • Hi Titus,

    I apologize for the inconvenience. Our development team is aware of this and is looking into a resolution. As soon as I have an update for you I'll be sure to let you know.

    We have found that if you first create a new record, save it, then add the link to a related record the relationship will save properly.

  • Thanks, Nora, shortly after the problem was rectified we lost access to our home page https://flyersclub.insight.ly/

    Needless to say, we are now worried, and I submitted a new ticket. Your swift correspondence is greatly appreciated.

    We are a small business that relies on the insightly platform to perform during our workday. 

  • Hi Tiyus,

    I'm sorry you lost your access. We want to make your experience as great as possible. Are you still having trouble?

  • I entered a task that said "Meet with them on October 18th".  It is not linked to a contact, so I don't know who I am supposed to meet with.  That can be very embarrasing.  Is there a way to see which contact this is linked to?  

  • Hi Richard,

    If you didn't link the task to another record, there's no way for us to tell which record it was intended to refer to.  Sorry! :(

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