Which Smart Phone works best with Insightly App? iPhone or Android?

Hi Guys, I'm new to Insightly and currently have a Windows Phone however, I would like to know which OS works the best with the Insightly App (since I have no preference between IPhones or Androids), I just want to use the Smart Phone that's most compatible with your Mobile App. Which OS would you recommend and what should be the "Specs" (of that phone) in order to be most effective with your mobile App? Please advise... Thank You in advance. Sincerely, Dana Duke



  • I have the exact same question and am on the verge of buying a new phone.

  • Hi Dana, 

    I also have a Windows phone and as much as I love it for many reasons, the app availability is NOT one of them. :) I can tell you that I use the Insightly app on my my iPad and it works really well. I hope you hear from both Android and iPhone users to provide more info but I can tell you that I have had great experience with the iOS on the iPad. Cheers!

  • Dana

    As you know the Windows phone is not achieving the momentum Microsoft had hoped so I believe it's wise to move to iPhone or Android. I'm a diehard Apple fan and I love iPhone. I have all types of phones however and I know them all well. That said, iPhone or Android is not something you should concern yourself with regarding insightly. Both work as most apps do on these two devices and I suspect this trend will continue. Pick the device you love and believe will serve your needs and go!

    P.S. I love iPhone because OS and hardware are the same company and it just works. Grab a new iPhone 7 plus. You'll appreciate the camera enhancements and larger screen for maximizing your workflow.

  • I am a big fan on Android but agree with Eric that you should definitely not base your decision on whether Insightly works best on one versus the other. There are many other factors that you should consider which are somewhat out of the scope of this forum.

    I have not used the iphone app only the Android one. My colleague uses the iphone app and neither of us have had any complaint about either versions of the app.

  • Hi Dana,

    Both platforms work well with Insightly and do not differ on critical features.

    My number one concern for all users is security, especially when choosing a mobile device as they are arguably the easiest targets for hackers. iOS and Blackberry continue to lead the way with mobile app security, so I would choose the latest version of iOS -obvious reason- for a mobile phone along with the most recent hardware which is the iPhone 7. If you have a large team, you can deploy apps and security protocols to all your user's devices using iOS deployment management software.

    If you are looking for tablets... in the near future Chromebooks -virtually virus free- will open up the Android App Store on their operating system and offer 2-in-1 tablet/laptop options. This will give your workforce the most versatility with their tablet considering you will have the full featured chrome browser to use all of Insightly's features, Chrome extensions, and most of Insightly's 3rd party applications. Again if you have a large team, you can use Google's Chromebook deployment management software to manage all your user's devices.

    I personally have an Android phone mainly for testing purposes and works like a regular phone on any network in the world. No sensitive information is stored on my mobile device. Mobile security is a serious threat, especially in life and in business when we handle our client's sensitive data. We feel lucky mobile devices are not absolutely necessary for our business. Please be cautious and plan a secure IT strategy for your business goals including mobile ;)


  • Hi everyone,

    Just to add to the comments so far, our organisation works a great deal with Google applications and Android mobile devices, and we've found the Insightly App for Android works really well across a variety of devices.  

    Of course, you should ensure your devices are secured in the usual ways (passwords etc) to prevent unauthorised access to your Insightly account, which is basic good housekeeping since in just the same way you wouldn't leave your desktop computer unattended when logged in to Insightly or any other web based application indefinitely.

    Hope this helps!

    kind regards, Simon 

  • Getting a call on a Sunday night and hearing your client cry over the phone, sniffling while telling you about how they got hacked and over 40,000 credit card records were stolen is something I never want to hear again nor would I ever want you to experience that kind of pain. Please understand there is much more to mobile security than just strong passwords and not leaving your device unattended. I want to provide more information to my claims, so everyone can see the risks mobile devices are bringing to our business and to our life.

    Nokia recently announced mobile malware infections is at an all-time high with a 96% increase just four months into 2016. As of 2016 small businesses total at 43% of all cyber attacks by Small Business TRENDS. The numbers and stories out there are absolutely horrific, and are only expected to get worse. Thankfully Insightly has military grade encryption protecting our data and the best software companies available continue to provide the best security available for cloud computing :) with that in mind, I still want you to see the big picture of mobile security noting the differences between iOS and Android platforms should you choose to use Insightly's mobile app.

    Most Android devices are at serious risk of malware attacks due to the open technology they are built on, and due to the slow and incomplete updates with their variety of hardware manufacturers. As a general rule we need to update our devices regularly and with most Android devices we cannot do so, successfully. The developers of Android and hardware manufacturers are not completely aligned like Apple has successfully done for many years with their devices. Salesforce has even stopped development of their Android app on all but a few devices because of this very issue.

    To provide more information for Dana... If you are going to use an Android device may I suggest only using Samsung Galaxy +S6; Samsung Galaxy Note +5 (Note 7 is discontinued) and Google Nexus +5X and Google Nexus +6P. These hardware manufacturers work closely with Android to regularly release updated patches ensuring your device is secure and maintaining the best user experience.

    Android also lets many developers publish practically whatever app they want on the Play Store and some of these apps can contain malware. This is not the case with Apple App Store as they go through a tougher vetting process with their mobile developers and many, many companies can attest to that! I am not saying iOS is the most secure platform to use as they have their own issues just as much as Android does, but for the small business owner who may not be able or willing to invest their resources into their IT security, iOS is most likely a better choice.

    Again, please heed my advice and create a very secure environment for your online business. For starters may I suggest using a VPN to encrypt your phone's data connection, 2-factor password authentication, change passwords often, frequently update your OS, frequent anti-virus scans, vet the apps you install, remote lock and wipe... and if you have a large team use mobile deployment management software to restrict user settings, remotely lock and wipe, and blacklist app downloads... Think of it like maintenance for your car and the investment is relatively not that big for small business owners. This could keep you safe WHEN you cross paths with a cyber attack. You will sleep well at night knowing you are protected. I promise!

    Thank you,


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