Converting Lead to Contact/New Opportunity



When I convert a lead to a contact with a New Opportunity, the notes I put into the lead get transferred to the New Opportunity but not the contact. Can I get the notes from the lead to the Contact also? I need it here as most of my lead notes are about the individual, not the possible new opportunity. They are notes based on my initial conversations



  • Also, is there a way to make the Title field of a lead carry over to the Role field of a Contact when converting the Lead to a Contact/New Opportunity?

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  • Hi Glen,

    The Notes will only link the files, tasks, emails, events, and notes from the Lead to the new opportunity. You can add links to the Contact record after the conversion if you want to share the relationship.

    This Title information doesn't travel over, you may want to check out the Ideas & Suggestions page to see if this has been submitted by another user and add your vote. If you don't find it, you can add a new thread. Another user has requested something similar here if you'd like to add your vote for it too.

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