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I need help figuring out how to export contacts based by contact tags.

For example, if I use contact tags A, B and C, how can I export contacts from tag list A or tag list A & C only.

I've only figured out how to export my entire database, and not specific contacts.

Also, is there a way to export contacts to my Mailchimp so that my Mailchimp mailing list is updated with my contacts in Insightly? I'm not sure how to do so.




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  • Hi Brandon, 

    As for exporting contacts from tag A and C, you can do this a few ways. You can FILTER and include both tags, like this:

    OR when you are selecting a Tag from the right hand side, there is an option to select multiple Tags:

    There is a LOT of information about MailChimp integration so I'm going to point you to the article here. As long as you have a paid account, there IS a way to export from Insightly to MailChimp and update accordingly. I hope this helps!

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