Record limit?

Dear Support and/or anyone who is willing to help.

We are currently using the free version of insightly. Now I needed to mess around with the names so I exported every contact, and then (accidentally) deleted every each one of them. We had 1400 contacts and 1300 organizations or so. Now since I have the contacts on my PC in xls, I started importing them back in the system, but after 650 or so, an error message pops up that my account record limit is about to be reached. Now I checked Billing & Account and it indicates that I used the 98% of the contacts included in the free version which is 2500. For me, it seems that it has not yet understood that certain elements have been deleted. What can I do to make this right?

On a side note, are staff members able to do restores? I did not know that leads will be deleted as well :(

Thanks a lot for the help in advance,




  • In before anyone would say this, I am aware of some limitation regarding records (2500 as well), but since I had way more records before my mess up, I assume this has been changed to 2500 contacts (which is what is written on Billing & account).

  • You may want to check your Recycle Bin for those deleted records Máté. From here you can opt to restore or delete them completely. Records in your Recycle Bin will count towards your limits until cleared. 

    This article will take you through the steps - How to restore or remove items from the Recycle Bin and any User in your account can do this :)



  • Oh my god Lyla, you are truly the salt of the earth. I just started composing the letter for my boss explaining the situation. You could say I was worried.

    One more thing though, if I restore them, does that mean I get the leads back with them?

    Thank you once more for the swift and helpful reply, have a good weekend!

  • YAY, glad you found em!

    The records your restore will remain the same :)

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