SmartMerge now available for Contacts & Leads

Thanks to the positive response to SmartMerge for Organizations and your suggestion for SmartMerge for Contacts*, we are happy to announce that SmartMerge is now available for Contacts and Leads too.

With SmartMerge you can quickly find and clean up duplicate records by merging them into one master record.

The attributes that are merged for contacts are: links, tags, tasks, notes, emails, file attachments, contact infos, dates and addresses. 

The attributes that are merged for leads are: tags, tasks, notes, emails, file attachments and addresses.

Learn more about dealing with duplicates in our help guide and let us know what you think about SmartMerge for Contacts & Leads in the comments area below. 

*Thank you to Christal Lezama for posting her Merge Contacts suggestion.




  • Yeah! This is a great feature! I have used on several occations and it saves time and cleans up the duplicates. Thanks..

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  • This is broken. Not sure when (suspect after your industrial sabotage incident March 25th) but it is absolutely not working now.

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  • Hi Wendy:

    Can you share a little more on your steps and what isn't working for you when you use the SmartMerge? If you're getting an error message a screenshot of this would also be helpful.

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