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I've created custom views but when my team utilizes tags, the view reverts back to Insightly's default view, which is NOT very user-friendly. Users should be able to create a default view that Insightly uses whenever a tag is selected, etc. 



  • Any thoughts on what you might try?

  • I have been recommended to try Podio by someone new to our company - and have been trying it out for the last 2 weeks, you need the pro package so as to get the automation add-on for it to be really useful but - so far so good - it's very flexible.


  • You would imagine they monitor the news boards...I can only think they don't believe it needs addressing...

  • Frank, as I said just a couple of months ago, we will be evaluating this request for the next quarterly release. There are no new updates at this point, but we will update everyone in here once we know more.

  • Dennis, I think the problem is that it is extremely hard for us to understand how this isn't a 10 minute fix.  Many of us have some coding experience and we know that something like this is not hard to do.  If you are saying that their is some sort of company policy on only releasing updates quarterly etc. I would highly suggest you alter that policy and allow easy and obvious minor fixes to be rolled out as addressed.  I think you would have a much happier user base that feels as if there concerns are being addressed.  Just my opinion.

  • Jamie, if this is a 10-minute fix, we would have implemented it a long time ago. In fact, we are currently hiring software engineers. Sounds like we could use your help! ;)

    Our major product release cycle is every quarter where we usually introduce new features in Insightly. With the last release, we started incorporating what we call Customer Love requests which covers feature requests from our customer and Community members that improve the UI and functionality of our product. We intend to do the same for the next quarterly release and currently evaluating which customer love items will make the list. We also do a weekly release, but those typically cover bug fixes and other minor updates. 


  • Dennis B, even if it's a 12 hour fix, this request should be a no-brainer and well worth the investment & effort...if at the very least to show good faith to their customer base (or as you so eloquently put it "Customer Love"). This isn't an over-the-top request for a bunch of fluff or other BS. This is a very simple request that affects, slows, & interferes with the workflow of all Insightly users on a DAILY basis. Insightly put a lot of work into the big update, but neglected to address the simpler functionality details like the issue here. Just this thread alone has been up for almost a year. Really?? Instead of working on "new" features, how about addressing the current "features" and dialing those in first? It's like throwing a Ferrari body on a Ford looks really good, but the performance is abysmal.

  • Hi everyone,

    Dennis is trying, I assure you. That said, I've been using this workaround for some time and it works really well. The concept is simple...setup your view how you like it and then save it as a bookmark. I create a nested folder of favorite insightly views. My Chrome bookmark bar looks like this...


    Eric Greenspan

    Chief Clever Officer


    Disclaimer: While I'm not a direct employee of insightly, I am a member of their Hero program and recognized as a experienced power user. I'm also a big fan. I use insightly for all my clients and my internal business management. I extend it to do more through the API. Again, I'm a big fan. I'm also a Zapier Certified Expert.

  • Hi Eric Greenspan,

    I believe you posted this tip before as I have used it as a workaround. Thanks for the info as it's definitely a great quick shortcut. I understand that these guys have a lot on their plate, but this really is the icing on the cake after the last huge "upgrade". I really liked the prior version (been a user since the early days of Insightly), but Insightly has fumbled the football here. We pay for these types of software solutions to expedite workflows and increase productivity. This issue impedes workflow and reduces productivity. Until this issue is finally sorted, I can't really justify being a paying customer for a sub-standard performer.

  • Thanks Eric for the workaround - very useful! Thanks too to Dennis for the feedback and assurance that this is being considered. While I posted a while ago about it being mildly frustrating, it's definitely something we have learnt to live with and I wouldn't consider it absolutely essential. We had a team meeting yesterday about it being one of the best CRMs we have engaged with and I find it so helpful. Keep up the good work! 

  • Any update on this? Or when the next Quarterly update will be? This is causing major issues for our team. We are going to try the bookmarks suggestion above, but would like to know when an actual update will be happening.

  • Yes, can we -please- get an ETA?  I could understand if it was a niche feature request, but its front end/first thing we see every time we login.  Appreciate the workaround, but it doesn't sound great when I suggest it up-front in training staff on a new platform. 

  • Just wanted to add my vote on this issue. Very frustrating as a new user.

  • Funny that we've been asking for this for over a year now and Insightly has still not addressed this common complaint. Just solidifies my decision to leave and use an alternative product. I used Insightly for a long time, but no need to come back if they don't care enough to address this request. I'll spend my hard earned money somewhere else where customer service and feedback actually have an impact.

  • Hi, has there been any update on this since the last posts in Dec 2018?  We are new to insightly and would love to set the default view prior to going live across our company.

  • Hello Insightly Community,
    Zeke here. I wanted to jump in on this one -- While we appreciate your feedback and request for this feature, we will not be implementing this nor inserting this onto our roadmap.  Our current focus is on adding Marketing Automation which is a major lift. Customer love enhancements are still being introduced in each major release but please know -- right now --  this isn't on the list.
    Should this ever change, we will make sure to update this thread
  • One more vote for setting the default view please! It is really very needed for a good user experience!


  • It bothers me to no end that after each session I have to change my views from "recently viewed" to "all open..." It is a bottleneck that needs to be resolved but is not even on the road map with Insightly (according to the most recent post—Zeke). The post about dashboards was posted in 2015 and had 80+ votes. This one is just over a year old and has 38. It would seem it would warrant attention. I'm all for automation but I'd like the ability to see the my most important data (that which is open, in present need of attention) first.

  • Please fix.

  • I'm in total agreement, this is a major concern. We are evaluating Insightly and the default view being Recently Viewed has already caused a major red flag. In our testing so far we have accidentally missed contacts and organizations because they are not showing in the view when opened. In the other software and apps that we use the default view is All Contacts or All Organizations and you must select another choice to limit the number in the screen. Even after realizing the difference with Insightly, the habit is so ingrained from other programs we that we are constantly cussing out Insightly for screwing up this basic expectation. We are used to Quickbooks, mailchimp, Outlook contacts, Buffer, various social media channels, Amazon Seller Central, gmail, Google contacts, Apple contacts, Pipeline CRM, and too many others to name and not a single one defaults to Recently Viewed. The lack of listening to your user community and correct this issue is the main reason we are likely to choose another CRM software and give Insightly a poor rating on the appropriate platforms. This really needs to be fixed.

  • Hello Wayne,

    I understand that this has been a pain point for you. We are always looking into improving the Insightly Experience for our users and your feedback is helpful in regards to accomplishing this goal. Our Engineering Team has worked in including feature requests from users into Insightly.

    If you noticed in our last product release, we included a lot of "customer love" items to improve the UI. We realize the huge impact these small changes bring and we thank our Community members for continually giving us feedback, requesting features and voting.

     I will keep everyone posted once we get more updates on this subject. 

    Enjoy your day. 

  • This is causing issues in my biz. Something as simple as being able to set Insightly to show 'All Open Tasks' by default when you hit that section is a no-brainer. 

    The old version was a much better UX and how long has this issue been dragged out for? My concern is that if your UX testing didn't pick up something as basic as this, what else are you likely to screw up (and then also avoid fixing) in the future?


  • Hi folks! A little Customer Love surprise from our Engineering team -- THIS REQUEST IS NOW LIVE!!!

    Your List View will now stay on the most recent one you were viewing. Even if you leave the page or log in and out, it will default back to the Last List view you were on. 🙌🏼


  • Thats great news! Thanks!

  • Yay!!!!! Thank-you!!


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