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I've created custom views but when my team utilizes tags, the view reverts back to Insightly's default view, which is NOT very user-friendly. Users should be able to create a default view that Insightly uses whenever a tag is selected, etc. 



  • I agree. Setting a custom list view that meets our needs and then setting that as a default would be a very useful feature

  • Second this, since defaulting to the "Recently Viewed" filtered it has caused my team an undue amount of frustration. Quite often we look at one other's opps to help each other out, so it's not ideal to access the recently viewed page every time you want to view your own.

  • Totally Agree. 

  • Agree. I would prefer the 'default view' to default to the last view used in all tables! i.e Contacts, Projects, Opportunities etc....

  • This is a needed feature, I would also like to see an option where we can choose a default list view from either the Standard List Views or a Custom created one.

  • Same issue here. It was working fine before I switch to the updated Insightly.

  • Could not agree more.  This seems like a no brainer and and easy fix.  Just add a "set as default" option please!!!!

  • The default view is unusable as the columns are condensed to only show few characters.  Currently this is the biggest bottleneck in my day.  I want to create and specify my default view.  When I change views it should also apply to my current lookup list.

  • Please for the love of god give us the ability to change the default views.  If for nothing else, it is so annoying to switch to projects for example and see closed projects because the default view is "Recently Viewed".  Being able to set any view as a default would be wonderful, alleviate a lot of users issues, and should be standard in any kind of configurable user interface now a days.


  • Completely agree with the comments above.  This is a factor hurting system adoption for us!   Recently viewed shows what we have already done - not what we NEED to do!   Please let us set custom views as default.  We would also like to hide the standard views, which cannot be tailored and are worthless to us.  

  • I have to admit this is beginning to ruin my Insightly experience. Every time I click into projects the name is obscured, while the pipeline mini-diagram is given double the space it needs. Building new views is not that intuitive and requires to many steps. Having the ability to set default views with column widths that are static would be really helpful.

  • Frustrating that no one from Insightly has posted here to indicate if this is coming. It's a needed feature. 

  • This should 100% be a feature of any CRM with customizable list views. Causes confusion when it defaults only to "Recently Viewed".

    Insightly, is this on the roadmap??

  • Completely agree. It's so frustrating having to keep changing the view every time I log back in and click on Opportunities. 

  • Hi folks,

    I agree and I've raised the issue. I have worked around this issue by saving my favorite views as bookmarks in my browser or creating desktop icons. Give it a try until they figure it out.

  • I agree.

  • I can't believe this was not sorted out in the last update - it still keeps defaulting back to "recently viewed" possibly the least useful option it / they could chose

  • Throwing up my comment and agreeing.


    Defaulting to Recently Viewed every single time is a monster time waste.

  • I'm just new to Insightly and this is the first issue that has cropped up for me - seems like a must fix issue


  • We are now looking at other solutions. This issue, plus the fact it takes 6 clicks to link an outgoing email from OWA.. my team hates it. We may try Apptivo or Pipedrive. Anyone have suggestions?

  • Why has no one from Insightly commented on this thread. This is a massive issue - and so frustrating - and so simple to fix. Keep 'voting' for this peeps - we need to get it changed


    Is this on the roadmap? Where is the support input on this? Every user of yours has a problem with this.

  • So I thought I would revisit Insightly to see if they fixed some of their deficiencies. Looking at this 9 month long thread, I can see that they haven't. Considering most of the things I asked for have been requested by numerous others over an extended period of time, I am disappointed to see that this issue has still not been fixed or even noted/addressed by the staff. I requested a phone call to discuss this back when they did their big "upgrade" and they basically blew me off. Insightly used to be productive for me, but having to change the views, column widths, etc. EVERY time is utterly ridiculous. The closest replacement that I found was Pascal Workflow. Guess I'll stick with them since Insightly doesn't seem to care about user basic needs & requirements. The whole purpose of using the software is to increase productivity. I signed back in last night using a free account just to check it out and see if it had gotten better, but was extremely disappointed when I logged in this morning to see the default listing as "Recently Viewed" and no option to change it as the default. Really? THIS IS EXACTLY WHY I LEFT INSIGHTLY. THEY MAKE UNNECESSARY CHANGES/UPGRADES AND DON'T INTEGRATE USEFUL FEATURES WIDELY REQUESTED BY THE MAJORITY OF USERS. DEFAULT VIEWS AND CUSTOM COLUMN HEADERS & WIDTHS SHOULD BE A NO-BRAINER!!!! Another waste of time. I really want to quote Gordon Ramsey right now, but I'll bite my tongue. Thanks Insightly for ignoring your customer base.

  • I agree with many of the posters above. The default "recently viewed" is by far the least useful view. Please allow us to choose a default.

  • Yes! Please give me the ability to set my default view. It's confusing to see closed projects and opportunities in the "Recently Viewed" list every time. 

  • I proposed using Insightly for our team - but after 6 months no one else has taken to it - so we will be looking for other solutions soon. The lack of response to or fix of this issue will be one of the main reasons I won't be going to argue Insightly's case for another chance - this issue annoys and misleads me at least once a day, everyday, it is very wearing. I will be happy to start working with something else which will no doubt have its own issues, but I doubt it will be this seemingly easily fixable and annoying.

  • Dennis, I think the problem is that it is extremely hard for us to understand how this isn't a 10 minute fix.  Many of us have some coding experience and we know that something like this is not hard to do.  If you are saying that their is some sort of company policy on only releasing updates quarterly etc. I would highly suggest you alter that policy and allow easy and obvious minor fixes to be rolled out as addressed.  I think you would have a much happier user base that feels as if there concerns are being addressed.  Just my opinion.

  • Dennis B, even if it's a 12 hour fix, this request should be a no-brainer and well worth the investment & effort...if at the very least to show good faith to their customer base (or as you so eloquently put it "Customer Love"). This isn't an over-the-top request for a bunch of fluff or other BS. This is a very simple request that affects, slows, & interferes with the workflow of all Insightly users on a DAILY basis. Insightly put a lot of work into the big update, but neglected to address the simpler functionality details like the issue here. Just this thread alone has been up for almost a year. Really?? Instead of working on "new" features, how about addressing the current "features" and dialing those in first? It's like throwing a Ferrari body on a Ford looks really good, but the performance is abysmal.

  • Hi Eric Greenspan,

    I believe you posted this tip before as I have used it as a workaround. Thanks for the info as it's definitely a great quick shortcut. I understand that these guys have a lot on their plate, but this really is the icing on the cake after the last huge "upgrade". I really liked the prior version (been a user since the early days of Insightly), but Insightly has fumbled the football here. We pay for these types of software solutions to expedite workflows and increase productivity. This issue impedes workflow and reduces productivity. Until this issue is finally sorted, I can't really justify being a paying customer for a sub-standard performer.

  • Hi Jeremey. Sorry to hear that you are no longer with us, but thanks for revisiting! 

    I understand your frustration, but we do take feedback seriously as it has driven many of the changes and improvements to our products over the years. We believe it's a vital part of making Insightly better. Just this year alone, we delivered on Dashboards, new Admin layout, added new custom field types, and page layouts.

    Our latest release (which came out a few weeks ago) also addressed the issue with the column widths resizing. The column width of list views will now automatically set when you arrange them! More info on that HERE.

    For our next quarterly release, we are looking to get this issue resolved. We will update everyone in here once we know more. We realize the huge impact these small changes bring and we thank our Community members for continually giving us feedback, requesting features and voting.

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