Sending a single bulk email to all contacts in an opportunity state

I am trying to send a generic follow up email to all of the contacts associated with an opportunity state but I can not seem to figure this out through the reporting pages or setting up a filter. Could you please send me the step by steps?





  • Hi Cat,

    Hope you're having a great day!

    You'll want to create an Opportunity Linked Items report, then filter by Opportunity State/ Status. 

    After that, you'll want to drag over the "Contact Email Address" field into the report. (please see image below)

    You can then run the report, export the list, and send an email to those Contacts.

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  • Must be exported to send an email in this case?  Is it possible to email contacts, using Insightly,  that are linked to an opp?  

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  • Hello Tyler,

    You are able to send emails to Contacts using Insightly. At the moment however you are not able to filter Contacts by the Opportunites, they are linked to. This is why my fellow colleague provided the workaround above. 

    Here are the features of when you send emails from Insightly:

    • You can choose which email address will appear on the "From:" line, provided you have connected more than one account to Insightly.
    • The messages will be sent from your own email account and will appear in the Sent folder of your email program.
    • You'll receive replies directly in your email account's inbox, not in Insightly.
    • All emails sent from Insightly will be saved and linked to the leads or contacts and appear on your Emails tab > My Emails > Sent.
    • Schedule emails if you have a Plus, Professional, or Enterprise subscription plan. Send them at a specified time and date within the next 7 days. Scheduled emails will apply to the daily limit for the date they are being scheduled. If the limit has been reached for the day you select, the system will notify you. (Trial plans are limited to 100 emails per day.)

    If you would prefer to compose and send an email from your default email program and the email address you use to log in to Insightly, you can still click any email address link in Insightly and your browser will open your default email program.

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