How to free up records when hitting 26K Max?


I have about 2000 contacts, maybe 600 leads (I also use that for people who are ex-clients who aren't active anymore) and maybe 500 organizations. Yet somehow I'm hitting the 26,000 cap for records allowed on my plan.

Reading here, it sounds like all items are counted as records, so notes, events, tasks, projects, opportunities and emails all count as "records". Okay, that's harsh, but I went to my "completed tasks" file to clean it out. Lots of tasks are things I set in a workflow as needing doing, but once it's done I don't need the reminder it was done, just to clear it as an outstanding task. I have whole classes of tasks like that. I quickly deleted 3000 completed tasks.

My record count went from 97% full down to 94% full. 

Can someone please explain to me why deleting (and purging my trash) didn't clear up 10% or more of my space?

Also, I have a quibble about the limit when you guys added a thousand stupid "notes" to my account when you deleted my data in March, 2017 in your "upgrade". You restored the data in the form of a note at first, before you went through and tried to guess how to restore it better. (I've been cleaning that up for months.) Now am I to understand that you're making me upgrade to pay for those notes you added?

 Edited to add: six months later I discovered a "Notes" report that was stuffed full of thousands and thousands of phantom notes that were date stamps on when my thousands of projects changed pipeline stages. Every pipeline stage for every project created a phantom note that I couldn't see from the project screen. They can't be deleted in bulk, and the only place I see them is in a "Notes" report. So I have around 25,000 individual pieces of trash that need to be picked up piece by piece and thrown in the trash to clear out my data so I don't hit the quota.



  • Hi Wendy:

    As mentioned in the email sent to affected users, the update in March 2017 did not delete any data and the Notes created from the update are not included in your record storage limit. This has not changed.

    I took a peek into your account and there are ~2700 records in your company's Recycle Bin. Any records that are in here will continue to count towards your limit. There are 2 sections in the Recycle Bin, you'll want to check both.

    Hope this helps to clarify!



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  • Two recycling bins! That turned out to be the answer. I had my assistant doing the massive purge. I emptied the bin without realizing I wasn't seeing all the stuff she deleted in the bin I was looking at.

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  • That's great to hear you figured it out Wendy!

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