Using insightly database on two G Suite accounts.

I currently have Insightly set up in a G suite account for one business and have started a related business that is using a different G Suite account with a different domain. Is it possible to share my original Insightly database/account with the two different G Suite accounts and domains? If not, Is it possible to transfer or move the database/account from one G Suite account to a new one and retain all the linked information? Any advices on what is possible in this situation would be appreciated.




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  • Hello,

    It will not be possible to share Insightly database/account with the two different G Suite accounts. When you change your Google Apps domain on G Suite, Google does not transfer connections to external applications like Insightly, and Insightly does not support multiple domains. This leaves you with two options:

    1. You can add your new domain to G Suite and continue to use your existing Insightly account with the old domain logins and email addresses. Here is a link to Google's documentation.
    2. You can export your main records from your old Insightly account and import them into a new Insightly account. You can read more about transferring your data in this article.

    If your Insightly Account is a paid subscription, you can delete the old Insightly account to stop the billing. Once you upgrade the new account, a new subscription will be billed, but we'll be happy to transfer your balance to the new subscription.

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