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we just moved from Google G Suite to Microsoft Office 365. Now we want to unlink our Insightly account from G Suite and use it with Office 365. In some other posts I saw we need to make a new account and Invite our users. At the moment we are in the old paying system and when I will make a new account we need to pay per user and that's much more expensive. Is there no option to just unlink G Suite of the account, or to transfer to payment prices from the old account to the new one. 

I look forward to a reply.

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  • It's in your reply to the original question :) . 

    Interestingly, I just used the "Login using Office365" button and it worked without all of the steps above. Should I just carry on?

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  • Hello Michael,

    Since you are not allowed to re-use an email address in the same Insightly account, we recommend you create an alias email address in Office365 that points to your primary address. This way you can transition your users from G Suite to Office365 but keep your current Insightly account.

    Here are the steps to walk you through it:

    1) Create an alias in Office365. You can find the steps here.

    2) Make sure you have an Insightly URL. Your admin can set that up in System Settings > Insightly URL.

    3) Go to System Setting > Users > Add new user using the alias email address you set up in Office365.

    4) Confirm your user has set up a password using the invitation link.

    5) Go back to System Settings > Delete the ‘old’ user and select the prompts to transfer open Insightly items to the 'new’ user.

    6) Lastly, go to Billing & Account > Billing details and adjust your subscription to reduce the number of users back down. And, when you reduce your subscription level, an automatic credit will be added to your Insightly account.

    We recommend removing Insightly from your G Suite Marketplace apps to ensure there is no Google connection to the original email address.

    Thank you!

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  • Hi guys, 


    Same issue here. However it says "Make sure that you have an Insightly URL". We don't have one (that I know of) and no option to create one in the Admin panel. Is it a necessary step?



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  • Hey Andy,

    Can you provide a screenshot of this message for me? 

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  • Hey Andy Sweeney,

    Happy to hear it. Glad it's all working now. 

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