Top Q&A from "NEW Insightly Reports, Dashboards & Much More" webinar

Thanks to everyone that attended our webinar! For those who missed it, you can watch the recording here.

We loved everyone's enthusiasm, especially around the new dashboard feature!

Here are the top questions asked during the webinar.

When will dashboard be available? All accounts will have access to dashboards on 3/1/2018
Are these release updates only for the new UI? Yes, these releases are only for the New Insightly Experience. If you're still using Insightly Classic, we encourage that you make a switch today! :)
What plans are dashboards available? How does it affect me if I am on a legacy plan? Dashboards are available for every plan with Insightly. Plus and Legacy plans will have the access to standard dashboards out-of-the-box. Our Professional and Enterprise level plans will have shareable and customizable dashboards.
What does ‘out of the box dashboard’ mean? Presuming it means standard dashboard with no add-ons? That is correct! While you can resize and move cards around in standard dashboards out-of-the-box. you won't be able to save them. Professional and Enterprise plans will have the ability to edit, customize, and share. 
Are dashboards available on ‘Plus’ plans or just ‘professional’? Dashboards will be available on ALL plans, but only the Professional and Enterpise plans can create custom cards and share.
Are these dashboards customizable? It sounded like the reports are premade. Can we create our own reports? For all users, dashboards are customizable in the sense that you can change the sizing and the layout of the cards that make up your dashboard. However, those standard reports are premade. In order to customize your own cards, you can do so with a Professional or Enterprise subscription.
How do you set up the dashboards? If you're on our Professional or Enterprise plan, you'll be able to create your own cards and dashboards. We will have articles about this soon :)
What are dashboards available for? At this time dashboards are available for Opportunities, Leads, and Projects. They are not available for contacts, organizations, and tasks at launch.
Do the dashboards work well with custom fields or are they dependant on Insightly’s native fields? Dashboards can access data from ALL of your fields, including custom fields. :)
I currently export insightly data to link it to our accounting data within the desktop Power BI. Can you bring in other data into the create a fuller visualization experience? No. The dashboards cards will be driven by Insightly data only.
Once released, will dashboard cards be available on mobile platforms? Not at launch, but we have plans to build these on mobile in the near future.
New UI users will switch to dashboards automatically? Yes, you'll have access to the dashboards automatically with the new release. It will live as an option right next to reporting.
These dashboards can be customized for each user? Yes, users can clone dashboards and cards and customize them as necessary, but you have to be on a Professional or Enterprise plan.
I would LOVE to see a dashboard for My Day, which shows tasks, events, etc… so I can get a picture of what my day looks like. Dashboards are fully customizable, so you should be able to create whatever view you'd like to see with the exception of contacts, organizations, and task.
Is there an out of the box dashboard specifically for non-profits? No, there's no non-profit specific dashboard at this point in time.
Dashboards and all the new funcltionalities are going to be available in all languages? Spanish for example?? Dashboards will be available in all languages.
Will we be able to create a graph out of relations between organizations on the dashboard? You will not be able to create a graph between related Organizations.
Can Quickbooks data drive the new dashboard? Dashboards will only display information from Insightly data.
Will the task management dashboard also show analytics? Manager’s view? Dashboards will not support tasks at launch. Only Opportunities, Leads, and Projects at this time.




  • THANK YOU for the dashboards!

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  • You're welcome, Jess! We're very excited to finally deliver this feature to everyone. We hope you like it! :)

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  • Almost two years later.  Do we have an ETA on the mobile dashboards?  I cannot seem to find any updates when I searched.


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  • Hello Drew

    Thanks for the follow up on this. 

    I was able to get some insight information on this. It looks like there's an update being actively worked on for the mobile app that could possibly include this feature. As I don't have an exact date on when the release will be. Rest assured if the update does come out with this feature we will make sure to make it known to our community. 

    We appreciate your patience and contribution to our Community. 
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