Insightly web-to-lead forms + reCAPTCHA = bye SPAM 👋🏽

Say goodbye to dirty data with our new integration with Google’s reCAPTCHA. You can now add reCAPTCHA to your existing web-to-lead forms and rest easy knowing internet bots won’t be able to send bogus information through the forms cluttering the CRM with dirty information.

Learn more about this integration, including how to add reCAPTCHA to your Insightly web forms by reading this Help Center article.



  • I don't have the recaptcha fields at the bottom of my web contacts page. How do I activate it?

  • Hello Blaine,

    reCAPTCHA is only available in the New Insightly Experience.

    That being said if you are in our New Insightly Experience then Google's reCAPTCHA can be added to an existing Web to Lead or Web to Contact.

    Here's a helpful article that explains the process: How to add reCAPTCHA to your Insightly webforms. 

  • We followed the directions to add reCAPTCHA to Web to Lead forms and we receive an error that the captcha information cannot be verified.  Can anyone offer suggestions?

  • Hello Tracy,

    I apologize for that!

    Can you provide your exact steps and a screenshot of the error message you received? This will help me provide a solution for your issue.

    Thanks for your time and patience! 

  • We received Tracy's reply in Support, I have it here for you:

    Thank you, Alejandro. I'm including my colleague, Petr, in my reply because he is our web guru and he can answer technical questions and provide you with the screen shot.

    Petr, will you please take a screen shot of the error and send it to Alejandro?

    We are already using the Web to Contact feature but decided we would rather have the inquiries come over as Leads so when we upgraded to the new Insightly version and wanted to add the reCAPTCHA, we enabled the Web to Lead and followed the steps Insightly provided verbatim. While the Web to Contact has always worked, the addition of reCAPTCHA to both the Web to Contact or Web to Lead produces the same error message.

    Thanks for helping, 

  • Hello Tracy,

    Where you able to have Petr provide screenshots to help clarify the error message being received? 


  • We received Tracy's reply in Support, I have it here for you:



    Here is the screen shot of the error.




  • Hello Tracy,

    Thanks for providing that screenshot!

    With the upgrade to the New Insightly Experience, it could be the Web to Lead/Web to Contact HTML code may have experienced an issue. I suggest creating a new HTML code for both Web to Lead/Web to Contact for your website.

    This article does a great job of walking you through the process: How to create a Web to Contact or Web to Lead webform 

    Step 7. is very important as it provides a link on how to register your website to use the reCAPTCHA feature. 

    Hope that helps! 



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