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Contact Addresses auto-entry

I think it would be very useful to auto-enter physical addresses when creating a new contact.  In my experience, well over 90% of my customers work at the same location as the Organization address.  When selecting Create a New Contact it should auto-populate the address in the related address fields.  If that address is incorrect for that Contact the user can simply overwrite the address and/or delete it.  I'd imagine that the populated address will be used in most cases.  Alternatively, you could possibly add a button in the Create a New Contact screen directing Insightly to populate the address from the Organization.  

It seems like a waste of time (and possibly accuracy) to keep entering the same data multiple times.  

I am aware of the "Clone" function and it is useful.  I am also aware of the Bulk Update option but that is overly involved and does not save much time.

Hopefully you'll see the logic in my suggestion.  Thank you!



  • Hey Peter,

    We definitely see the logic in where you are going and thank you for the feedback! While this is not on our current roadmap that is of course subject to change in the future. Keep the ideas coming!

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  • Hi Alex,

    One more thing...  I was working with the Bulk Edit function a bit and discovered something that does not make a lot of sense.  It appears that with the Bulk Edit of Contacts function it will not update the address and/or phone number if there is existing information in place.  I would imagine that one of the key uses of the Bulk Edit feature is to update an address (or phone) when a company moves it's physical location.  That would make it easy to update all the contacts addresses at once, rather than physically updating each individual Contact record.  As it stands now, you cannot do that.

    It appears, from looking over the help section, that the inability to overwrite is intentional.  I would guess that it is in place as a safeguard to prevent someone from accidently overwriting a bunch of addresses.  I honestly don't think that is a great concern, due to the fact that the Bulk Edit function requires several steps.  A User would need to intentionally want to do that.  If that is/was a concern perhaps you could limit the Bulk Edit function in User Permissions rather than making the tool less useful overall.

    Hopefully your team will give this another look.  I truly think it would improve the product.

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