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 Hi I have a workflow set up with 5 automated emails that is triggered based on what is selected for a single custom field in Contacts.   It works, sometimes.   The first email always goes, but sometime the follow up emails do not.  I have set the criteria to evaluate on every edit.   I don't know if this means evaluate if the custom field changes, or if it means evaluate again if any field in that contact record changes?   I'm thinking if if re-evaluates on any change, then the workflow could have reset if any other contact details were updated.   Is this correct?

I checked the first follow up email in the Queue that had not been send on the scheduled date (now last week), and the trigger custom field has not been changed and does match the single criteria for the workflow.  I don't know if other fields for that Contact record have been updated or not.   

Am I correct in thinking that it might be better to change the criteria to evaluate only when the record is first created?  The only issue evaluate when creating the record only, is that if they forget to select the custom field and fix it later, then the workflow won't run....

Any other suggestions for where I can look to find out why the 2nd and subsequent automated emails are sometimes not being sent, would be great. 



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  • Hello Helen,

    Let’s see if I can help explain our workflow better and I’ll also answer your questions below!

    When a workflow is created and “Multiple times, when the record is created on every edit” is selected this means that Insightly will check the record after every edit to make sure the evaluation criteria is still true. If the evaluation criteria is changed then the remaining time-triggered actions (in this case emails) for the workflow will no longer be sent.

    If you would like us to review this in more depth since you are on a paid plan, you can submit a ticket and we can go from there. Here's a link to our "Getting help and support with Insightly.


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