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Hi, When I click on the Insightly contact link in Xero it takes me to enter my Google Apps Domain To Login but I do not have this.


Insightly tells me 

Go to Custom Contact Links in Xero general settings and specify this unique URL{!CONTACTCODE} in Link Definition field.


Is there a different URL I should be using if I'm not using insightly with google apps?



  • Hello Shane,

    That sounds frustrating let's see if I can help out with this! 

    Let's start with are you an Insightly Administrator? You'll need to be an Insightly administrator to install Xero integration. 

    To successfully install Xero integration follow these steps:

    1. In Insightly, go to System Settings > Integrations.
    2. Click Install.
    3. On the Xero Integration page, click Connect to Xero.
    4. You will be directed to the login page for Xero. Enter your Xero login credentials and click Login. The login used will need to have a minimum of Standard access in Xero, as Insightly will have the same access permissions as the user whose login is used on this page.

    Here are two helpful articles that explain more in detail:

    I hope that helps. If not, let us know which operating system and browsers you've tried and I'll continue to investigate. Any additional details about the steps you're taking will also help me troubleshoot for you.

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  • Hi, thanks for your response. I have successfully integrated the Xero app. Insightly is pulling through the information in Xero. No problems there.

    However when I click on the contact link in Xero it takes me to the following login page and asks me to "Enter Your Google Apps Domain To Login:". We don't use google apps with Insightly.

     As per the set up instructions, I have used the following URL for the Custom Contact Links in Xero. I'm wondering if there is a different URL I should be using?{!CONTACTCODE}

     Windows 10, Google Crome.



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  • Hello Shane,

    I apologize for the delay in my response as I was doing more research on this issue. 

    Can you try using this URL-{!CONTACTCODE} for the custom contact links in Xero. I spoke to one of my Senior Techs and they recommended giving that URL a try.


    If you still experience issues please let me know!

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