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Previous to today, when I converted a LEAD to a Contact, the Role field value was deleted.  The ROLE field was blank.  Today, the Role field does NOT appear on the screen at all.  HELP.



  • Hello Kathleen,

    To better support, you can you provide a screenshot of the screen where the Role field does not appear? 

    Thanks for your patience! 

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  • It doesn't seem like I can attach a document.  Here are my notes.  If you can access my database, you can see the two Contact records in EDIT mode to see what I am referring to. Thanks, 


    Here is a contact that was created a year ago (or so) Amy Simmonds. The Occupation field is under the name. Previously, after saving the record, I thought the Occupation was displayed under the name.  Now it is displayed next to the Organization.

    Here is a Contact that was created today from a Lead Conversion – Bill Mate. The Occupation (Role) field is missing.


     As extra information, up until today, when I converted a Lead, the Contact record deleted the values in the Occupation field and the Prefix (Mr., Ms., etc.) field. I always had to go back and update that.

    Thanks for your help.

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  • Hello Kathleen, 

    Thanks for the clarification!

    After further research, it sounds like your issue could be related to your web browser.

    To check if it’s the browser, can you try accessing the page with a different browser than the one you have been using? We recommend Firefox or Chrome and make sure that you've updated your browsers to the latest available version.

    If it works in another browser, I suggest logging out of all accounts, clearing the original browser’s cache, then signing back in to see if that resolves the problem. Here are the instructions for how to clear your cache; we've included instructions for all popular browsers, so regardless of which browser you use, we've got you covered:

    Microsoft Edge

    I hope that helps. If not, let me know which operating system and browsers you've tried and I'll continue to investigate. 

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