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I'm presently working with the free version of InSightly as I work with a non-profit organization. It's doing great - I've used it in a previous business (paid) and I've found it to be generally reliable.

While setting up opportunities in the system, I can assign a status in the pipeline stage for any given opportunity without issue. However, that status is not reflected reliably in the pipeline chart column seen on the main Opportunity page. Some of the entries absolutely reflect progress correctly, others do not.

My first step was to create a new pipeline from scratch. This seems to work MOST of the time, but sometimes, I still get no information in the Pipeline Chart column.

I then went back to make sure there was no dataset that was vital that was missing. The instances where this is happening all definitely have pipeline stages associated. 

Lastly, sometimes, it's just certain phases that won't show. If an opp is in the first or second stage, they show, but when going to third or later, they vanish.

What am I missing here? Is there some other toggle I've missed, or is there a pre-flight checklist I can go through to ensure things show properly?

Many thanks!



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  •  Hello Burt,

    I apologize for experiencing this issue!

    Can you provide me some examples of Records experiencing this issue? Please make sure to blur out any sensitive data. Also, which browser are you using when accessing your Insightly Account. 



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