I can't find the Client Name listed with the tasks in the task list!

I'm not loving the new interface. When I go to the tasks tab and click on it to see the tasks I have scheduled for my day/week, There is no column to identify the clients that each of the tasks is linked to. There is Task Name, Due Date, Responsible User, Task Owner, Status, and percentage complete, but no linked client. Even when I click on the task, I cannot find this information listed in the task itself, despite knowing that I linked each and every task I've created to a client, and recently, having actually created the task from the client file because if I try to add a task in this task tab, there is no option to link it to the client file that I can find!!

Before I go searching for another CRM and have to go through the process of moving everything across, have I missed something??? I'm so disappointed. I just don't have time to have to deal with this. This is such a vital element of the platform for me that I will move on, if it really has changed.



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  • Hi Zoe,

    Thanks for reaching out. 

    To view related clients/contacts for a Task, you will need to open the task record and select related to view the related contacts, organizations, etc. 

    after clicking/selecting related you will see the following screen: 

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