Insightly user fees charged twice

My annual Insightly fees was charged twice on the same month and did not get a credit on the following month as it should have been for only one user.

The reason it was charged twice was because I did an email change and one of the email change procedures needed me to create a temporary second user.

This caused the extra fee but Insightly stated that the amount should be credited back as it was an administrative procedural change.

So the temporary was dropped after the email change (from 2 to 1 within the same day), and I was charged twice on my credit card but the credit never came on the next month as it should. 

Please advise as I would provide more details of my account to look into further. 

Thank you.



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  • Hello Julia,

    I apologize for experiencing that issue!

    Please keep an eye out for an email from me as I will create a ticket for us to help provide some helpful information. 

    Thanks for your time and patience! 

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