Tagging Emails from Mobile Phone?


Is it possible to tag emails from a cell phone? Currently, we use the Insightly chrome extension to tag emails within Gmail but is there a similar feature available when using a mobile phone? 



  • Hello Christian,

    Using Insightly's mobile app you have the ability to select emails click on the edit tool and add a Tag. 

    Hope that helps! 

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  • Alejandro, 

    Thank you for the speedy reply :)

    Unfortunately, that function will not solve my issue unless I am misunderstanding your comment (which is possible). I have project managers who answer work emails on their mobile devices and would like to "tag" the email directly from that mobile device. Unsure how they would do that from within the mobile app unless the email was already tagged to Insightly?

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  • Hello Christina,

    I provided some screenshots to help explain my comment. I've placed them below in order please let me know if this is what you are referring to in regards to "Tagging Emails".

    1) Select the Emails tab in Insightly mobile 

    2) Select an Email and then select the "Pencil" icon 


    3) Add a Tag 

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