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Maybe this is already a feature and I'm COMPLETELY missing it, but I'd like some checkboxes and trashcans for tasks. 

I check off a lot of tasks all at the same time and I'd like to speed up the process of task completion. I know it seems silly, but I actually spend a lot of my time drilling down the "kabob/more options" menu.

Here's my vision: 

Am I crazy or would it make our lives easier?  I'd keep the more options menu, just put "edit this task, change record owner and clone this task". I don't think people use those as much as "delete" and "mark complete."



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  • Hi Jess - you can do this if you go to the tasks view, on the right hand side there is check box. However, I too would like to see this implemented in other areas as well though, especially where you have identified above. When you are focussed on a project and looking at it specifically is often when I want to mark a task complete.

    Otherwise you have to leave this project view and go specifically to the task view - that is my principle criticism of Insightly, often what you should be able to do with one click it takes two or three.

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