Old GMail Link from Drop-down

Hi Support, 
Under the new GMail interface and Insightly change to sidebar the workflow to save incoming emails is significantly increased.

Previously the drop down-->Link Email, start typing hit one of the live found options, done.   Unfortunately, now have to launch the sidebar, go to Save links and more, go to add new link, type something, press search, select a link, this involves multiple mouse clicks, across more screen real-estate and actively search for something that might not be correct (live searches could be changed on the fly) to get the same functionality.

Apologies if I am I missing something or is this now the way it is? I was informed by support to ask for this to be added as this is the new way. 

I appreciate something might have had to change because of a GMail change, but please can we have back something in the sidebar as slick as before - or a drop down near the GMail reply button, like before?

Thanks, Ben.




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