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workflow automation - sending emails

I would like to ability to send emails automatically when adding a new contact.  This feature is some what available now through workflows automation but it won't send it from your verified email.  It sends it from an Insightly email.  


My usecase is if I add a new contact right now, I can go into that contact and send them an email from a template I created.  This email that is sent will come from my verified email address like it should.  So we are all good there.

Now I would like to automated this, I would like to use a workflow to do this.  I would like to be able to add a new contact and once I save that new contact an email should be sent just like I would if I did it manually.  Insightly workflow can do this.  The problem is I need it to send it from my verified email not the above mentioned Insightly email.  that is the feature request I am asking for.  

Note: It seems to "work" if I were to send it to a Office 365 Email and the recipient is using outlook for their email client.  It does not work when sending to a user using gmail for their email client.

When I say it "works", I mean MS Outlook is some how able to take the email address given from insightly and make it look like it came from my verified email.  Gmail sees past this.  When I send an email from my verified email, it actually comes from my account and I can see it sent from my server.  The workflow is using a Insightly generated email, "faked" to make it look like a email address I want it to look like it is coming from.

Its not helpful to send my customers emails from an Insighly email, it would be super helpful for them to see emails coming from our verified address



  • Hello Julio,

    You're correct. 

    As a simple workaround for the time being you can sign up for a free Zapier account and send emails directly from Outlook or Gmail everytime a new contact is added. 

    Please follow the steps below:

    1. Add a new webhook via WFA when a new contact with an email is added to Insightly.

    2. In Zapier, use a Webhook as a trigger to catch the Insightly webhook.

    3. Add your Gmail or Outlook account for the action step to send the email.

    You will have 100 Zaps a month with the Zapier free plan. 

    Let me know if you need further assistance.

    Thank you,

    Micah Feldkamp

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  • Hello,

    Thanks for that workaround Micah!

    Because the Workflow Automation system needs to be able to send emails regardless of whether an email address was added to Insightly, it was intentionally designed this way. While we appreciate your feedback and request for this feature, we will not be implementing this nor inserting this onto our roadmap. 

    Should this ever change, we will make sure to communicate this in the main thread

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