Many-to-Many Custom Objects Relationship

Hey Insightly

Well done on the Custom Objects.

Can you guys enable more relationships than the current Lookup field?

The lookup field acts as a one-to-many relationship between records. This is limited if we want to create a many-to-many like a products custom object, events, podcasts, workshops, services...etc


Thank you



  • Hi Insightly,

    This would be a great enhancement, as there are a lot of scenarios that we cannot currently model sensibly. At the moment, we have two options:

    - create a custom object specifically for the link and add two lookup fields, but this is very clunky.

    - use a huge number of tags.

    Both options are so unworkable we continue to wait for this enhancement to be considered.

    Thank you! 


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  • This would be an *amazing* enhancement - please :)

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  • A must to have!!!

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