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Switch back to Insightly Classic


I've just updated to the New Inssightly and I find it highly unpleasant for my eyes due to its color combination and the inability to customize it.

Please, indicate how to switch back to Ins. Classic.



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    Hello Franco,

    I don't like the new Insightly either, although for different reasons (too much white space for empty fields that didn't happen in the classic version, I don't like the contact pop-ups). You might be able to do it by going into System Settings (drop-down item from the upper right corner of the interface). Is there an option at the top of that page to switch back?

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    Hi Nate,

    As far as I can see in older posts there was an option to switch back to the old UI located under System Settings. However, it seems that it has been removed.

    I've already contacted Support so they can help me with this.

    Basically I need one of the following:

    1.- Switch back to the older UI or,

    2.- Change the color combination since it is really hurting my eyes (I spent about 6 hours using Insightly and it is too bright and shiny)

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    Oh wow! You now verified something that I had suspected: If I now change to the new Insightly, I can't go back to the old one. The last time I checked the new Insightly was a couple months after its launch (when I could switch back), and I'm well aware that things can change for the better a few months after a big new change. But I can't risk it now.

    Please let me (and the rest of the Insightly community) know how this progresses for you.

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    That's correct! You can't go back by yourself.

    New insightly has new useful settings such as showing local time (time zone) and weather when opening a contact (for instance, it really helps visualizing when is the best time to contact them).

    It has new dashboard views.


    The biggest drawback I can spot so far are:

    1.- When using a small screen things tend to be a bit jammed,

    2.- Color combination... My god! it is really awful.

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    The new version is not nearly as easy to navigate.  I find myself yelling at my computer.  If there is anyway to go back, I would love to know how.   I'm sure every business utilizes the features in different ways.  The new view is not conducive to what I do apparently.  

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    The new version is cluttered and disconcerting.  Please provide a solution for how to get back to Insightly Classic!  With thanks...

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    Hi folks!

    Wanted to provide an update regarding the ability to switch between Insightly Classic and New Insightly Experience.

    The latest release of Insightly introduces a brand new System Settings which no longer has the option to revert back to Insightly Classic.

    Insightly is focusing its efforts on utilizing the New Insightly Experience moving forward.

    The reasons are as follows:

    • All engineering efforts including issue response and resolution will be prioritized for the New Insightly Experience.
    • All new features including Dashboards, Page Layouts, and Custom Required Fields will only be available on the New Insightly Experience.
    • As we will no longer be supporting the old version, you may experience differences in data and functionality when on Insightly Classic.

    This will allow Insightly to focus its efforts on improving the New Insightly Experience for all users. If you have any feedback regarding this please don’t hesitate to provide your comments on how we can continue to improve the product for all users.

    Thanks for the understanding,

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    Thank you for replying, even though it is just a copy&paste from another post.

    Please, is there anything you can do at least with the color combination? Have you ever seen the new UI? You have to agree with me that you can't call that a pleasant and healthy color theme.



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    I appreciate the quick reply.  Unfortunately, the UI is much more cluttered and the relevant information that I use in my business is now no longer located on one screen but requires several clicks.  I'm upset with this change.   I'd suggest your Development team work on some alternative ways of viewing data, so that the basics, such as company, contacts, time of last contact, etc., are all located on one screen.  Similarly with contacts: no you have to click multiple buttons to see notes for last contact, making the UI more complicated and less user-friendly.   Argh.


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    Haha yes, Franco. We use it every day and actually dig the colors. :) It's a matter of personal preference.

    One of our Insightly Heroes has provided a hack a while back. You can find his instructions HERE. See if that works for ya! 


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    Andrew, we appreciate the feedback! 

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