Best practice - show discussions or notes

I'm trying to figure out the best way to use discussions or notes on a contact/project. 

For example, let's say I emailed/called a contact and there was a discussion I needed to remember.  Before I mark it complete, I put the details from our email/phone call it in the discussion field.  Or I could add the email/phone call details as a note. 

So I have two questions: One, What does everyone else do? 

Two, When I'm revisiting a project/contact I have no way of knowing that I may have added a discussion to a task or notes as neither of these as activities.  I've often thought it would be great if when you added a discussion to an activity, Insightly could auto generate a flag so you would know there was something more to read than just the header.  Or Insightly could link the discussion field/note field to activity updates and have it say "Discussion added to task"  or "Notes added to project/contact"  Not having this feature makes the tool very clunky to use.



  • Hi Suzy,

    Great question and suggestion. 

    I prefer to create a note on the contact or project record because when you look at the related section of the record you can easily see the note title and date.

    I agree that it is too hard to find information taken in the discussion field and I love your suggestion to add a flag to the task. You can add that as a suggestion in the "Ideas & Suggestions" section of the community topics. You would get a +1 from me!

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  • We tend to have ongoing tasks with contacts. Any conversations that we have are associated with the task as comments. I agree that it would be easier to see conversations if they were directly associated with the contact on the first tab but if you always have a view of tasks as we do then having conversations with the contact as comments is very useful.

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