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Hi-  I cannot seem to figure out how to associate incoming emails to contacts.  I sent an email to a client and I can see it in activities.  When they respond it goes to my folder in out look which is fine, but does not register at all in Insightly.  Issue is when I go and look at the customer in the next month I would like to see both emails, the one I sent and the incoming.  Can you help me?



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  • Hello Peter,

    To help clarify the system is actually working as intended. Insightly won't accept email messages that are auto-forwarded or auto-assigned via an automatic rule. Also, Insightly does not automatically receive replies made to your outbound emails sent from Insightly. 

    Because of this, we recommend using The Insightly Add-on for Gmail or Insightly mailbox address to forward the emails you receive replies for.

    The reason for all this is because invariably some emails you receive you may not wish to share with other users on your account, and some emails like social networking notifications, emails from friends or spam messages may not be appropriate for storage in a shared contact management system. Also, saved email counts against the storage maximum for your account. Excessive saved email may require you upgrade your Insightly subscription prematurely.

    I hope this helps.

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