Translations for foreign language versions, especially German

The German translations in Insightly are off to the point that the is hard to use and we must recommend our employees to switch to English, if they can.

I checked the French version and the translations seem to be a bit arbitrary here, as well, at times, although not quite as bad.

While translations are a matter of style or personal taste, some things are just wrong, like the plus icon to 'add a new contact / organization' etc. show up in past tense in German, so that it reads 'new contact added, new organization added', the item is left in English (so Contact instead of Kontakt) and the inflections of the adjective 'new' are given in all possible genders separated by slashes.  The last bit may be hard to follow as to what I mean, but believe me, it looks quite unprofessional and this is a shame.

Really annoying and reducing productivity is this when trying to make reports or filtering items.  It is very hard to find the field you are looking for if the translation is so poor that you need to guess what could be meant by it.  The address fields are particularly bad and they also seemed a bit arbitrary in French, too.

I wonder if other German or other foreign language speaking  users observe this and maybe we can make a point to Insightly to provide better translations.  We may even support by providing better translations.  It seems that they used an auto-translation service or someone translated completely out of context.





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