Importing conference call participant details

I host regular conference calls that my clients can participate in. My conference call provider emails me a list of participants after each call (see image below).

Is there a way I can automatically feed this information into Insightly if I save it as a .csv file? I'd have to use the clients' phone numbers to identify them.

I'd like to be able to bring up a record on a particular client in Insightly to see a list of conference calls they took part in in the past.



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  • Hello,

    When you need to log a phone call or enter notes about a call or a meeting, you can add them in notes or tasks. If you like to import existing data like shown above you can prepare a CSV file to import these notes into Insightly. See our file templates.

    Each row in your file must represent a single note. The Note Date field can contain a past date, but if you don't assign a date, we'll just add the current day. The best format for note dates is DD-MMM-YYYY (e.g., 24-MAR-2011).

    This article helps explain more of the process: Importing contact notes and organization notes

    Hope that helps!

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