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Using QBO with Insightly

The document from 4/6/19 states that the integration does not provide a sync between the 2 systems.  I'm confused by that in that it seems data is moving back and forth between the 2 applications.  If you are linking records directly, isn't that sort of a synch?  Please help me understand the data that is actually linked.  Thanks.


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    Hi Kevin

    The integration allows you to view within Insightly contacts that are linked to QBO contacts so that you may view their respective invoices and such. You can copy data from one contact source to the other, e.g. from insightly to QBO or back. But it does not "sync" the data between them dynamically. To do this we most of us use Zapier or even better for this is Piesync.

    Eric Greenspan
    Chief Clever Officer

    Disclaimer: While I'm not a direct employee of insightly, I am a member of their Hero program and recognized as an experienced power user. I'm also a big fan. I use insightly for all my clients and my internal business management. I extend it to do more through the API. Again, I'm a big fan. I'm also a Zapier Certified Expert, PandaDoc Pro and a piesync Expert.

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    Hello Eric,

    Great stuff!

    Thanks for sharing this with Kevin. Hope you find the information helpful Kevin. 

    Have a great rest of your day to both of you. 

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