Flexible column layout for the Details tab!

To optimize the space of your details tab, you can now configure an object's page layout to separate your fields into multiple columns.

To learn more about enabling this feature, please read the Details page flexible column layout article.



  • When will this be available?

    Or, is this not being made available to Plus subscriptions?

    This update is not clear.

  • Hello Gonzalo,

    This should be available for you now. You'll want to make sure an admin enables it within your System Settings. Please see this article for steps: Details page flexible column layout 

  • This is a brilliant feature, however it would be more user friendly if the view had each item running down the first column and then pushes across to the second column instead of the zig zag format that it's adopting. That's making it really hard to view the fields when you have to zig zag across the page.

  • @Pablo is right, after taking a closer look, this approach to responsive design is flawed. It treats each item in a section as an independent container rather than as items in a list column. When we organize the order of our fields, we do it intentionally, re-organizing them into a zig-zag doesn't make sense. I will be disabling this feature until it is more useful.

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