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To Whom this may concern,

I am a Business Broker that specializes in business sales, business purchases, mergers & acquisitions for Accounting Firms & Financial Planning firms. One of the main reasons I set up & use Insightly is to utilize a CRM & to be able to send professional targeted email campaigns/ newsletters to my contact database. I now have close to 2000 entered into Insightly & growing quickly. My concern is that I can send group emails i.e to say 500 contacts in my database in CRM that is targeted to a select segment of contacts i.e Accountants, Potential Buyers, however, I can not attach anything to my emails when sending it from Insightly. I need to be able to attach things like Logos, Pictures & links when sending these group marketing emails. I do not seem to be able to attach anything to these emails as a result they look really unprofessional & bland when sent. I have since researched Insightly functions & it appears this cannot be done. Is this true. If I can, could someone help me as it is not letting me   Kind Regards

Colin Kruger




  • Hi Colin, 

    You can add attachments to Insightly emails but they will be true attachments that the recipients will have to click on to open. If you are looking for embedded Logos and Pictures, that is not something that Insightly offers at this time. You will be able to add in links to your emails however. Here is a screenshot of where to add links and attachments to the emails:

    Honestly, I have found with many of my clients that the plain text emails tend to have a better click through rate because they look more personal. Emails that have all of the embedded graphics are beautiful but the recipient knows that the email is a mass email. If you do want to have the embedded images, you will need to use an email service provider such as Mailchimp to send the emails. 

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  • Colin,

    Erin is 100% correct. The cold email format with plain text is a great way to increase click through rate, and to increase delivery rate, I recommend not attaching documents to emails as this is a "red flag" to a lot of spam filters.

    Hope this helps you!

    Thank you,

    Micah Feldkamp  

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