Using Insightly's API to create a custom print out format.

Hello, world!

I have the following use case:

We make an appointment with a potential client, the event gets added to the contact. We then print out the calendar event 'tickets.' These tickets then get inserted in a file organizer after doing some basic resizing to make smaller.

I wish to change the format of which these tickets get printed. It doesn't seem that Insightly allows for this natively. I thought that I could programmatically achieve what I need.

I'm just cracking open the man pages for Insighly's API. I have what I need, but I am stuck as to the best method. I'm thinking to create a template file, possibly HTML, using a templating framework like Jinja (oh yeah, I will be using python) to achieve the result.

Anyone out there who has faced similar issue? Any suggestion?



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  • HI Erick,

    wondering how you went with this....i have a similar challenge and need a solution

    thanks in advance



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